Census is a public performance project about how systematic information gathering affects the body, our everyday lives, and our broader communities. This piece will be performed by 100 people across a quarter mile of public space from dusk till dawn at the 2016 Northern Spark Festival.

9pm June 11th 2016 - 5:30am June 12th 2016


West River Parkway, between Portland Ave S and 11th
St. Minneapolis, MN 55401

The cohort of performers will be spaced 10 feet apart in a line across a quarter of a mile, employing text, technology, objects, movement, light, and sound. At various intervals during the night, performers will move away from their individual activities and merge with other performers to create collective patterns in critical mass.
Census features members of historically underrepresented communities especially in terms of race, ethnicity, dis/ability, and gender-nonconformity. There are no auditions.
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Founded in 2004, Aniccha Arts is an experimental arts group that creates immersive performance environments primarily made of dance and electronic media. This interdisciplinary arts collaborative produces site-specific performances that examine agency, voice, and group dynamics within community histories, institutions, and systems. To view excerpts of previous work, click here
For more information please contact ‚Äčpramila(at)aniccha(dot)org .
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Northern Spark is an all-night art festival that lights up the night on June 11, 2016. When the sun sets at 9:00 pm, the city awakes to a new sense of possibility. For 8 hours and 26 minutes the city surprises you: friendly crowds, ambitious art projects, an unexpected path through the urban landscape, the magic of sunrise after a night of amazing experiences.
Upstream Arts, Northern Lights.mn, Pillsbury House + Theatre
Jerome Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, Northern Lights.mn